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Fast WiFi for you and your passengers

Connect your car to our superfast network for the best in-car app and WiFi hotspot experience
  • Easy

    Simple step by step process to unlock all connected services

  • Shareable

    Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices at the same time, like smartphones, laptops and tablets

  • Free roaming

    No additional roaming fees across Vodafone and partners networks in Europe

  • Fast

    Up to 4G High-Speed Internet for the ultimate in-car entertainment for you and your passengers.

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Test-drive our Internet in the Car service

Your trial starts the minute you decide. No catch, or up front commitment required - just register and select to open your cars connection.

The free trial is available to eligible customers.

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Trial duration and available data may vary according to your car’s brand and registration country. Coverage and service may not always be available on your journey.
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Get started now

Your car has many features and applications that need connectivity. A selection of data plans are available to meet your needs.
  1. Wi-Fi Code

    Enter you car’s Wi-Fi code in any devices you wish to connect.

  2. Register

    Click Register, fill in your details to create your account today.

  3. Buy a plan

    Buy the most convenient plan for your needs. Subscription or one-time buy, it’s up to you!

  4. Enjoy Internet in your Car

    Work, browse or use all the latest applications inside your by using the data on your account.

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